Kelly questions delay on ‘Green List’

The Labour leader has questioned if the government actually wants to publish the green list of safe travel countries.

Tipperary TD Alan Kelly’s comments come as the publishing of the list has been put back until tomorrow.

The reason given for the latest delay is that Taoiseach Micheál Martin is caught up in the ongoing EU summit.

However speaking on Tipp Today Deputy Kelly says clarity is needed on the matter.

“There’s been so much dithering on it – obviously it’s very clear that public health advice is very conservative on this issue. From NEPHET and from eminent people on that they’ve been very nervous about travel and even nervous about having a green list.”

“So one part of me wonders whether the government is trying to row back on it.”

The Portroe native also says if it is published we need reassurances that it will be kept up to date.

“Remember it’s not just a case of having a list one day it’s something that’s going to have to be monitored all the time for outbreaks in other countries.”

“So this confusion has to end and has to end soon.”

“Look there’s been a lot of confusion about a lot of things in relation to Covid-19 from this government. I think the change over – a new Minister for Health, new Taoiseach, new Chief Medical Officer and new Secretary General at the Department of Health certainly hasn’t bred continuity so we all do need to work together in this situation.”