HSE reacts to Covid outbreaks in Tipp Town area

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

There have been small Covid 19 outbreaks in and around Tipp Town and the HSE has set up a walk-in pop up test centre to establish any potential transmission patterns.

Operating from the Tipperary Primary Care Centre on Rosanna Road, the clinic takes place today and tomorrow between 11am and 7pm.

No appointment is necessary and all that is needed is photo ID and a phone number.

Specialist in Public Health Medicine for the South East, Dr Sarah Doyle said they are urging people to attend so that they can see if there is a pattern of transmission, which the HSE needs to be aware of.

“The concern at the moment is about cases that may be Delta variant. We’ve had a number of cases there, a number of small outbreaks that haven’t been absolutely clearly linked, but we think there are commonalities between them.

“There are cases and outbreaks maybe associated with socialising, with retail outlets, with sports.

“We’re concerned that there are other cases, in between, linking all of those that we’re not aware of.

“So, what we really want to do is to encourage people to come out and to get tested.”

The clinic runs from 11am-7pm on July 7 and 8.