Elderly in Tipp still cautious about shopping during pandemic

Photo from Country Choice Nenagh Facebook page

A prominent Tipperary businessman says it will take time before people are comfortable going shopping as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Peter Ward reopened the doors of Country Choice in Nenagh this morning – he says he’d be very happy if he could reclaim 60% of his normal business in the coming weeks.

However speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said so far this week there’s a very changed mood among shoppers in the town.

“I anticipated Monday that we would see a lot of people on the streets of Nenagh buying fashion and things like that.”

“I didn’t see that – what I saw was caution, caution and caution! And for people of my generation and there’s a lot of people, the demographic of the town in Nenagh would certainly be active retired and over 60 during the week and a lot younger then – young couples – at the weekend who are free.”

“And I see in the early part of the week a lot of caution among older people – they realise it hasn’t gone away.”