Dr Mary Ryan says Covid-19 booster shots needed as soon as possible

Photo courtesy of drmaryryan.ie

A Nenagh based consultant says its vital Covid-19 vaccine booster shots are administered as soon as possible to those most at risk from the virus.

Dr Mary Ryan is a Consultant Endocrinologist in Barrington’s Hospital Limerick and Aut Even in Kilkenny.

Up to 12,000 children are restricting their movements due to being a close contact of someone with Covid-19.

However Dr Ryan is also concerned that the elderly in particular are becoming vulnerable again despite being fully vaccinated.

“I had a call this morning about an elderly patient who died with Covid – a very tragic case because her husband is also in hospital with Covid and he can’t go to the funeral.”

“So the point is we’re now hearing cases of people who are vaccinated are picking it up and that’s so sad to see. What we need fast are the boosters to come on because a lot of the elderly patients who were vaccinated back in February – it only lasts we think six months so that’s a big worry.”