Corbett – Government has once again dashed publicans hopes

Lar Corbett's and Coppingers, Thurles | Photo: Google Maps

Tipperary publicans are once again counting the cost of Covid-19 following the government’s decision to delay their reopening.

Pubs that don’t serve food will have to wait until August 31st at the earliest before they can open their doors to the public once again.

A financial support package for them is now being considered by the government.

Speaking on Tipp Today Thurles publican Lar Corbett said the Government seems to be building up their hopes every few weeks before dashing them again.

“When the really took hold in the country back in March everyone said if the pubs are open this side of Christmas it’s a bonus.”

“The Government had the majority of pubs on board because that was our expectation. We all thought we were in the same boat together – but then the splinter groups happened as regards pubs that are doing food, pubs that are doing toasted sandwiches.

“It was all individualised and some pubs were allowed open so we probably feel a little bit left in the cold. They had us where they wanted us back in March and bit by bit they’re losing us.”

You can listen back to Lar on Tipp Today here: