Call for ‘pop-up’ vaccination clinics

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry says there are “serious doubts” about Ireland’s vaccine rollout program.

The independent deputy says the establishment of 24/7 vaccination clinics needs to be considered, calling inoculation the “only lasting solution” to the pandemic.

The jabs are currently being administered in healthcare settings but there remains little clarity about how it will be distributed to the wider population in the coming months.

Deputy Lowry says that pop-up vaccination centres need to be considered.

“With the new vaccines that are coming on stream we need to be ready to do something like we did with the testing centres.”

“We’re never going to get our population vaccinated if we go on Medical Centres alone or GP practices. We need a plan here – we need an emergency plan – and we need to treat it with urgency.”

“As of now I haven’t seen that level of urgency that’s required and people are extremely concerned about it.”