Call for Covid test centre in Mid-Tipp

Photo © Tipp FM

A Tipperary councillor is calling on the HSE to open a third Covid test centre in the county.

Councillor Jim Ryan told Tipp FM that the centres in Clonmel and Nenagh are not sufficient for a county the size of Tipperary.

He said that this has caused issues for people who don’t drive and don’t feel safe taking public transport on their way to get tested.

Councillor Ryan told Tipp FM that he has contacted the HSE, and will be asking Tipperary County Council to write to them.

“Tipperary is a huge county and to say we only have two testing centres, one in Clonmel and one in Nenagh, is just not good enough.

“It’s leaving a huge gap in the centre of the county, especially in the Thurles Templemore area, and I’m calling on the HSE to provide a Covid testing centre for Thurles town, that will cater for the needs of the people in this area.

“Currently people are unable to do the PCR tests in Clonmel and Nenagh from Thurles because they have no transport, so it makes sense to have a Covid testing centre in Thurles town.”