Businesses in North Tipp, Limerick and Clare urged to follow Covid-19 infection control measures

Hand Sanitiser Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Public Health Mid-West is putting out a renewed plea to businesses in the region to follow Covid-19 infection control measures.

While case numbers are slowly dropping in Limerick, Covid-19 situations in 50 workplaces in the region are being assessed.

In the last fortnight, there have been more than 770 Covid cases in Limerick, compared with more than 50 in north Tipperary and more than 80 in Clare.

Public Health Mid-West, which is overseeing Covid-19 outbreak management in the region, says they continue to see “concerning trends of inconsistent and poor practises” in workplaces, particularly those that have reopening in the last month.

Among the issues:

– Confirmed close contacts attending work when they should be restricting their movements for at least 10 days pending a negative test result.

– Staff in close contact in break rooms and communal areas without masks.

– And PPE not being replaced after each customer in businesses where close contact is necessary, such as hair salons and beauticians.

Of the 50 Covid-19 situations in mid-west workplaces, the vast majority are said to involve retail, supermarkets, hair salons, beauticians, offices and factories.