Bishop Fintan Monahan directs Killaloe parishes to proceed with sacraments

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The Bishop of Killaloe believes fears surrounding Communion and Confirmation after-parties are being overplayed.

Bishop Fintan Monahan’s comments come as he directs parishes in the diocese to proceed with such ceremonies from mid-August.

He joins multiple other Irish dioceses in making the move, which contradicts State public health guidelines.

Bishop Monahan says he understands the State’s point of view, but thinks that the sacraments have been singled out for restrictions, and that the ceremonies can proceed safely.

He says that debate around after-parties have been exaggerated.

“Yes, I believe that it is being overplayed because maybe a number of months ago there may have been a risk in that line but I think most people now are so well educated in the dangers that are there.”

“Parents in my experience are hugely responsible in relation to gatherings like that now. It’s much more safe at this time of year when you can have the possibility of outdoor gatherings which may not be as possible in September or October.”