100 pallets of PPE ready to make trip from Nenagh to India

Some of the PPE stock that is being stored in Nenagh ahead of its trip to India. Photo: Sandra Farrell / Facebook.

Around 100 pallets of PPE will be transported from Nenagh to India to help the country deal with its Covid-19 crisis.

Local nurse Sandra Farrell organised for surplus PPE to be donated from Irish nursing homes, which has been collected and stored at Banaghan’s warehouse in Nenagh.

The consignment, which includes around 60,000 gowns and 30,000 masks, will arrive in India on a flight funded by Qatar Airways.

€30,000 has also been raised in donations towards the Calcutta-based charity Hope Foundation.

Speaking on International Nurses Day, Sandra described India as her “second home” and says the situation there has affected her deeply:

“About two years I took time out and went volunteering in Nepal and India.”

“I stayed with a beautiful family in Nepal and her husband owns a private hospital – I stayed with them because I was working on the ground in a government run nursing home.”

“And unfortunately she lost her life in her early 50s in her own hospital last Sunday and I suppose I’m not over that shock.”