‘Controversial’ show on Michael Collins takes place in Nenagh next Saturday

Photo from Nenagh Arts Centre.

An historical entertainer is bringing what he describes as a ‘controversial’ show to Nenagh on Saturday, April 23rd.

Paddy Cullivan brings the story of the death of Ireland’s first Commander-in-Chief Michael Collins to Nenagh Arts Centre next weekend.

He says the show through audio-visual means, featuring hundreds of images, and new research ‘dares to unravel the secrets and lies around what happened in August 1922.

Entitled ‘The Murder of Michael Collins’, Paddy admits that both the title and content is considered somewhat controversial:

“Come to the show, see what I lay out in front of you.

“What I’m trying to do is lay these things out in front of you.

“There were many motivations to kill Collins, not least his plans to militarily take on the North which is something I go in to at the start of the show which is very important.

“He had a target on his back from all sides, anti-treaty, pro-treaty and the British.

“unless you come to the show, you can get angry about the name of the show, you can get angry about the premise of the show but until you see the show, you don’t really understand what I’m doing.

“It’s a controversial show but it’s worth seeing because it’ll open your mind.”

Tickets are available from the Nenagh Arts Centre.