Concerns about speeding in Cashel

Photo from Google Maps

A former County Councillor has raised concerns about speeding in various areas around Cashel.

Tom Wood spoke on Tipp Today about a number of issues and called on the council’s road department and the Gardaí to do something to get the speeding under control.

He said that people are not feeling safe out walking and something must be done.

“I’ve sent it into the council here, to the roads section and to the Superintendent of the Gardaí in Cahir.

“There’s a couple living on the Golden Road here in Cashel and regularly when they meet me, they’re frightened out of their wits coming out onto the road coming into town, with the actual speed.

“Some of our roads and streets at times, and again, I say it’s a very small minority, they’re more like race tracks than the fact that you’re actually in an urban area.”

Tom stressed that this is a problem not only in Cashel, but in every town and village with a minority of people driving at excessive speeds.

He said motorists regulary drive through the pedestrian crossing at Boherclough and that the Dualla Road, where a lot of young families live is ‘like a racetrack’.