Tipperary to mark World Down Syndrome Day

Photo from Down Syndrome Ireland Facebook page

Tipperary groups hope to raise awareness this week as World Down Syndrome Day approaches.

While tomorrow is the official day, which has been observed by the UN since 2012, there are weeklong celebrations with the Tipperary Down Syndrome Branch taking place in the county.

Cora Horgan Farrell is a committee member with Meitheal 21 in Thurles and also mother to 10 year old Charlie who has down syndrome and says they want to make sure they work to secure their children’s futures.

She told Tipp Today that society is becoming more inclusive and they hope to increase their programs and services to see their children live more independent lives.

“Any parent full stop is that their children will lead a fulfilling life and worthwhile life. For our children with Down Syndrome to do that they need to be able to grow themselves, they will never be fully independent but there needs to be level of independence . They need to be able to go get jobs and it is all well and good us pushing them into a work place where the work place doesn’t understand but people now are trying to understand them and understand what is meaningful work for that person with down syndrome.”

Cora says that there is less stereotyping within society and they have started to work with children on accessing their emotions and support their mental health.

“Look at what do our children and our young people and our adults need. Parents, we think we know what they want but our kids have their own wants and needs and interests as well so we really need to make sure the programmes and services that we are organizing here meet what they want and what they enjoy and also what will bring them to the next level in terms of their own independence and capacity. The central theme is them enjoying themselves, and being happy and having fun but it is very much around okay, but what else is this ding for my child.”