Smith: System is already stretched without adding to the problem

Photo © Tipp FM

Another rally is planned for Clonmel tomorrow to highlight some locals concerns about International Protection Applicants being housed in the town.

A campaign of opposition has been mounted at a site on the Heywood Road in the town since news broke that modular homes were to be erected on HSE owned land to house families fleeing the war in Ukraine.

A group calling themselves the Concerned Parents Group held a march in the town last weekend to highlight their concerns that the site will also be used to house unvetted asylum seekers.

Spokesperson Shane Smith – who is standing in the Cahir LEA in the upcoming local elections – says their peaceful protests will continue for as long as is necessary.

“It is going to have to be ongoing because the hospital service and doctor waiting lists – the services in the system as a whole have been broken before all of our new visitors. How do we expect to keep fanning a fire and expect not to make it worse”

“The local Councillors and the people elected by the people of the area have decided in their ultimate wisdom to deny this thing even up to last week – that would have worked fine if there wasn’t diggers and everything inside in the field.”

Tomorrows march will start from the Main Guard in Clonmel at 3 o’clock.