Plan to prevent access to Cashel hostel at centre of International Protection Applicant plans

Photo from Google Maps

People in Cashel are prepared to blockade Johns Street in the town to prevent the arrival of International Protection Applicants.

Locals are angry at the decision to house 74 IPA’s in the town with little or no prior consultation.

The news only became public on Friday that the men were to take up residence at the Cashel Town Hostel on John Street from tomorrow.

Around 500 people attended a public meeting in Halla na Feile last night to discuss the situation with the majority highly critical of the lack of information.

Speaking to Tipp FM in Cashel this morning local business woman Alison de Vere Hunt said there is already a sense of fear among the local community.

“People are saying you cannot walk at night, you can’t be out. 74 men is what we’ve been told. They’re International Protection Applicants – they’re not Ukrainians from all the documentation that’s been put out there.

“People are ready to stand and barricade the end of John Street and the top of John Street and Agars Lane because people are afraid if these men come in there’s no getting them out. It’s prevention rather than cure is I see what’s on a lot of people’s minds.”

Protests are to take place this afternoon with locals saying they are prepared to continue through the night.

The owner of the hostel says as far as he is aware those to be housed on John Street are Ukrainian family groups moving from tented accommodation in Stradbally.

Speaking on Tipp Today PJ Quinlan said his premises has passed all fire and health & safety inspections.

He is urging locals in Cashel to give those arriving to the town a chance.

“These are real people, they’re real families. We have actually accommodated (people) from hundreds of different countries around the world up to now.

“There’s a very, very small percentage of people who give trouble but we know what to do when it does happen – I can reassure we will manage it well. We have the people here to work with it.

“I think people should give it a chance because its very easy to get agitated and say these people can’t come in, these people can’t do this but they’re ordinary people.”

The hostel on John Street has been used by Tipperary County Council for emergency accommodation for some time – the local authority was informed by the owner on October 23rd last that the premises would not be available to them from November 6th as it was going to be used for an alternative purpose.

Last night’s meeting in Halla na Feile was organised by local community activist Liam Browne.

“There just seems to be a case of let’s put people in and we’ll worry about the consequences afterwards. That’s what the people of Cashel were worried about last night. They were told how many were coming but they were not told where 75 people were going to go into the building.

“We don’t know – and I think this is the big problem – this is what’s really annoying Cashel people as it annoyed people up and down the country. A simple lack of information, the lack of consultation. This idea that just put up with it and suck it up and take it on the chin but the people of Cashel have no intention of doing that.”