Coonan highlights issues with overhanging trees in Mid-Tipp

Overhanging trees in a Mid-Tipp estate are preventing residents from insuring their homes.

This issue was raised at the most recent meeting of Thurles Municipal District by Councillor Noel Coonan, who says it also poses a health and safety risk for people living in Ard Mhuire in Templetuohy.

Cllr. Coonan says it’s of particular concern for residents with children.

“There’s also the issue that some new residents have moved in there, and there are young children, and they’re concerned for their safety because, along with kids being kids climbing on them, they’re worried a tree will fall down or branches will fall down; it’s overgrown. I’ve been on to the council for a while now to get it looked into, and they gave their commitment that they’d engage with a tree specialist to look at that and verify that the job needs to be done.”

Following discussion, the council agreed a tree specialist would be sent out to verify the trees condition before deciding what the next steps would be.

He says it should be treated as a matter of urgency.

“One of the issues that I’ve accepted is that you cannot cut ditches between the 1st of March and the 1st of September during the nesting season. I asked them to give it priority because it’s an issue of health and safety for the residents and their children. They’ve agreed to do that, to do it sooner rather than later, to treat it as urgent, and they said they would.”