Coonan: CCTV systems should be rolled out across Tipp

The community CCTV scheme in Littleton has been given the green light by the Gardaí.

The schemes have been in limbo in recent years due to GDPR and legal issues.

But there have been recent changes in the laws to allow them to be used to curb anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping.

Councillor Noel Coonan – speaking at his last monthly meeting before retiring – is calling for them to be rolled out in other areas.

But he’s welcoming the news about Littleton and praising the new CCTV policy drawn up by Director of Services Brian Beck which will ensure schemes are compliant with regulations and properly funded and maintained.

Councillor Coonan told the meeting that a CCTV scheme is worth 10 Gardaí to a town or village trying to clamp down on anti-social behaviour.