Concerns over anti-social behaviour on Suir Blueway

Photo from Google Maps

A Tipperary councillor was subjected to intimidation after intervening in an incident on the Suir Blueway.

In recent months the popular amenity in Clonmel has been the subject of complaints regarding anti-social behaviour.

Cllr. Michael Murphy told Tipp FM that two weeks ago he witnessed a group of teens trying to take a bike from another Blueway user and when he intervened was photographed.

He reported the incident to the Gardaí and has called for more patrols of the area before the issue escalates further.

“I must say that when my photo was taken by one of the youths involved I was quite shocked and I can tell you when I walked from that particular location back towards Clonmel it was in my mind and I was deeply concerned. I have to say it was an isolated incident – I have walked the Blueway many times before and since and I haven’t experienced it but look there is a concern locally that these incidents are occurring by a small number of individuals, and I think the sooner we get An Garda Siochana more involved the better.”

Cllr Murphy says as the summer approaches it needs to be curtailed before more people are using the walkway.

He wants the council and Gardaí to liaise together.

“I have reported the matter to An Garda Siochana but what I was really asking is that the Direct Manager would engage directly with the Superintendent to see could we get a greater Garda presence along the Blueway particularly at weekends.”