Anti-social behaviour a problem in Clonmel public spaces

The Main Guard, Clonmel Photo © Tipp FM

The need for a Park Warden in Clonmel has been raised by a local Councillor.

Niall Dennehy raised the issue at this month’s meeting of the Borough District saying something needs to be done to tackle the increase in anti-social behaviour in public spaces around the town.

The Independent representative says the problem is being created by a small cohort of individuals.

“They’re ruining and spoiling the amenity for people that are using our public parks and our Blueway by bullying and intimidation.

“Other jurisdictions like Germany and places like that have their own Park Wardens who have powers of arrest – it might be time that we as a local authority started employing people like this to police our public areas so that people can enjoy the amenity that they’re entitled to enjoy without this type of blackguarding.”

Councillor Dennehy says such a move would also

“What we have to do is stamp out this type of intimidation and thuggery that’s going on with a small cohort of people.

“The Gardaí are busy enough doing what they’re doing. Certainly they do respond to incidents but their resources are restricted.”