Cistercian threaten High court action over schools rugby rule

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A Tipperary school has threatened High court action over rules restricting pupils’ involvement in the Leinster schools rugby competition.

The Cistercian college in Roscrea claims that the 20 month rule uniquely affects them and puts the school at a disadvantage.
The 20 month rule was brought in, in December of 2014 and states that students must be enrolled in the school before fifth year in order to be eligible to play in the Leinster Schools Senior Cup.

The rule was designed to prevent players repeating sixth year in order to play in the Senior Cup.

The Cistercian College in Roscrea, which won the cup for the first time in 2015, claims that nine of its players have been ruled ineligible to play in the tournament as a result of the rule, which they describe as having serious and fatal flaws.

In a statement , the school says that it is uniquely affected by this rule as the school has many students who start in fifth year and so find themselves ineligible to play.

The Leinster Schools Committee has adjudicated on the applications of 9 Cistercian players but has ruled against them. In a reply the school says the rules need to be reviewed and have threatened High court proceedings against the IRFU and the Leinster branch if the matter isn’t resolved amicably before next Monday in order to allow them to take part in this year’s tournament.

The IRFU has yet to comment publicly on the issue.