Christmas lights to be switched on today at ‘Light Up Nenagh 2021’


The Christmas lights in Nenagh will be switched on this evening as part of an outdoor extravaganza on Pearse Street.

The street is closed to traffic until 8pm tonight, to allow for an on-stage music and visual event between 2.30-6pm, to be hosted by Tom Bán and Trudi Lalor.

‘Light Up Nenagh 2021’ is organised by Tipperary County Council, Nenagh Live and Spain AV, and will feature a range of talented singers and performers.

The Tree of Remembrance at Nenagh Courthouse will also be lit up at 6.30pm as part of proceedings.

David Spain of Spain AV explains what people can expect:

“For the first time ever in Nenagh, we are pedestrianising the main street of the town.

“From 9am in the morning until 8pm at night, the entire street is closed off to traffic which is pretty cool as you can imagine.

“We are building a giant outdoor stage and we will have music that is going to run from 2.30pm until 6pm in the evening.”