CCTV could help Tipperary Council to tackle illegal dumping

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary County Council will be able to avail of new laws in the coming months, which will allow the use of technology to detect illegal dumpers. 

CCTV cameras and other methods will be available to the local authority to tackle the growing problem.

Roscrea based Councillor Shane Lee says the new legislation will be huge boost in efforts to clamp down on such illegal dumping.

“This is something I’ve been highlighting for quite some time in relation to illegal dumping.

“We have seen a huge amount of it happening especially since Covid came about.

“It’s unhealthy, its unsafe, its unsightly, it sends out the wrong message. We all see the good work that happens right across our communities. We see the good people that are going around picking after these culprits.

“But now when we have the use of CCTV and other technologies that will definitely strengthen the hand of local authorities.”

building on this local farmer and IFA President Tim Cullinan says that the practice of fly tipping and dumping has been a major frustration for farmers for years.

He says that it is disappointing that it has come to the use of technology to clamp down on it.

However, Cullinan told Tipp Today that it is necessary to stop dumping threatening the safety of livestock:

“There’s no need for this, and I can’t understand the psyche of some people, why they want to be involved in this practice and for farmers going out and finding fly tipping… it’s soul destroying.”

He says that while the Local authority do often deal with these incidents they don’t want to see it happening on their land.