CCTV, drones, and fencing needed to tackle dumping

The dumping at Lower Derrymore, Roscrea. Photo: Shane Lee / Facebook.

There needs to be anti-dumping initiatives to tackle its ‘proliferation’ since Covid.

That’s the view of Thurles Councillor Sean Ryan who says that there are black spots scattered across the county that need to be addressed.

He would like to see CCTV, drones, and boundary fencing used to target and stop these crimes.

Councillor Ryan also said the resumption of household waste inspections needed to be done in tandem with such measures.

Speaking to Tipp FM he said that all of this needs to be backed up with prosecutions:

” We need more people prosecuted for it. If you look across the 5 districts in Tipperary the amount of prosecutions is actually quite low.”

“I think in our own district it was about six people were prosecuted or six people were issued with fines I should say and some of those don’t even go to court.”

” That needs to be stiffer, that needs to sterner.”