Calls for Urgent Action at N24 Knockagh Roundabout

There are renewed calls for ongoing problems with a busy junction on the N24 between Cahir and Clonmel to be addressed.

There have been numerous crashes on the roundabout at Knockagh over the years.

In the past examinations of the road surface have found it to be up to standard – however local Councillor Andy Moloney says this is definitely not the case now.

He says Transport Infrastructure Ireland – which has responsibility for the road -needs to take action.

“The TII will be parked out there replacing barriers every day of the week.”

“Now we can always say that it’s speed – but its not always speed because with the amount of trucks that are going around that roundabout there’s always going to be residue and diesel on the road. There was a hardcore – a sandpaper type surface on it. That’s no longer there and we need to get that put back because it is a skating rink.”

Particularly coming into the winter its going to be the scene of many accidents.”