Calls for safety measures near Clerihan due to speeding

Photo from Google Maps

A stretch of road between Clonmel and Cashel has been described as Tipperary’s Bermuda Triangle.

There have been countless crashes on the R688 at a series of bends between Darcy’s Cross and the village of Clerihan.
Local Councillor John Fitzgerald highlighted his concerns at this month’s meeting of the Borough District saying the number of crashes there is not acceptable.
“There are far too many accidents occurring at that point for it to be bad luck.
“There’s an accident there almost on a weekly basis and sometimes two and three in the week. It’s been something that’s been raised by local residents quite often.
“I’m very concerned that something bad is going to happen there and there’s something wrong there. I’ve brought out the Borough Engineer and he has met the local residents – there are two dwellings right on those bends and those people are very, very concerned about it.
Councillor John Fitzgerald feels speed is not the only cause of crashes on the stretch of road.
“The engineer is of the opinion – and he may be right to some extent – that a lot of it is down to speed. That’s something that can be tackled in terms of warning and cameras and a bit of Garda activity there. And the meeting did make a resolution to call on An Garda Siochana to step up speed checks at that point.

“There’s too many cars ending up in the ditch there close to those houses and it’s a real worry.”