Calls for Immediate Relaxation on Partner Ban in Maternity Hospitals


The HSE is being called on to immediately relax restrictions on partners at Maternity Hospital.

Partners of pregnant women are still not allowed to accompany them at all times, but the HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer has written to maternity units to instruct an easing of restrictions.

They have been instructed to allow visitation of at least half an hour a day and that partners have the right to be there for the 20-week scan, through all the birth process including induction, and be given access to neonatal care.

But four out of the 19 maternity units are not fully compliant with this, among them, South Tipp General, Waterford University and St Luke’s in Kilkenny.

At present, partners are only allowed for the birth and a few hours afterwards.

Speaking on Tipp Today, new mum Kelly gave her harrowing account of post natal problems that she was forced to endure alone.

She described how she suffered a major haemorrhage while in hospital and called out for her husband who wasn’t allowed in.

You can hear her interview in full by clicking on the link below…