Tipp micro-brewery reports strong sales despite lockdown

Cuilan Loughnane. Photo © Tipp FM.

The owner of a Tipperary micro-brewery says sales to private residents have grown in recent months as people become more comfortable drinking at home.

Cuilan Loughnane of White Gypsy in Templemore believes their reliance on the pub market may decrease despite the reopening of ‘wet pubs’ on Monday week.

Cuilan says that the pandemic has given him a chance to reflect and restructure the company.

But he also says that sales have remained strong despite the closure of pubs.

“Our private sales here in terms of people buying kegs from us and taking them back to their houses – it’s something we never experienced much before. Yeah, small scale but it’s really something that has grown quite a bit.”

“People feel that they’re in control of their own environment at home and they can invite around a few friends. That seems to be working a little bit better for those people.”