Tipp businesses bracing themselves for further Covid restrictions

Businesses across Tipperary fear the restrictions set to be imposed by the Government this evening will be the final nail in their coffin.

Even with the current Level-3 plus restrictions many are already struggling to keep their doors open.

John Nallen from the Minella Hotel in Clonmel says even at current levels their business is merely ticking over.

Speaking on Tipp Today he suggested a Christmas lockdown might be better.

“We are for all intents and purposes closed. We have a couple of essential workers staying, that’s it.”

“There won’t be any Christmas for hospitality as we know it. I think myself they’d be better off locking down for Christmas when everybody is home and everybody is settled and the travelling is done. Then close up and forget about Christmas.”

“For the past three or four months we have a few staycations and that stopped then come September.”

Meanwhile John Nallen says the likely closure of leisure centres will have a significant impact on elderly people.

He says many people who use the leisure centre there have expressed concern at the possibility.

“About 30% of our attendees every day are retired people – they’re coming to me with the past two or three days asking what are we going to do if this is closed, this is our life saver.”
“That keeps those people motivated and moving – I mean what do they do other than sit at home with a yo-yo and look at the numbers on the television at 6 o’clock in the evening other than that.”