Saturday GAA fixtures impacting on Thurles businesses

Bookworm, Thurles | Google Maps

The use of Semple Stadium in Thurles for two All Ireland quarter finals this weekend has had a negative impact on some local businesses.

While pubs and those in the hospitality sector benefit other say the timing of the games is an issue for others.

Cork and Dublin met at 1.15 on Saturday afternoon followed at 3.15 by the clash of Clare and Wexford.

John Butler from the Bookworm in Thurles says having in the region of 30,000 people in the town from early in the day effectively kills his business.

“We opened until 2 o’clock and then closed because it was a waste of time as did an awful lot of other businesses that are not catering or in drinks. Sunday games are grand and there’s no effect – most businesses are closed anyway that are not in the pub game or in the food business and whatever.

“But for Saturday’s in the middle of the day is an absolute disaster for business. You know there’s great colour around and noise and whatever but we still have to pay our bills, I still have to pay staff for Saturday for the full day.”