Opposition to AIB changes in Tipperary gathers pace

Photo from Google Maps

The President of Cashel Chamber of Commerce says he was surprised by AIB’s decision to remove cash services from four Tipperary branches.

Martin Lynch told Tipp Today that AIB gave no warning before confirming their plans – which will come into effect this autumn.

There has already been a strong opposition to the decision to go cashless in Cashel, as well as a petition to prevent the changes going ahead there.

Martin Lynch expressed concern over the challenges Cashel business owners will now face.

“They now have the make the decision whether to store it on the premises, bring it home or drive to Tipp Town with a large amount of cash in their car, and it’s just not safe for businesses to do that.

“As well, we have a lot of restaurants and pubs in town. They’re going to need cash and coins at the weekends, they won’t have that decision any longer. They have to make the decision now to either bulk order and store in-house, or drive over to one of the other banks that will give it to them a couple of times a week to get it. That’s leaving them vulnerable to criminals that will know people’s routines and what they’re doing.”