Newspaper article on Tipp Town criticised

Photo courtesy of March4Tipp, Jobs4Tipp & Tipperary Town Chamber of Commerce.

Claims that Tipperary Town is the worst town in Ireland to drive through are unfair.

That’s according to local Councillor Michael Fitzgerald who took exception to an article written in the Nationalist last week by editor Darren Hassett.

The article described Tipp Town as “the source of all road rage in the country”, which Cllr Fitzgerald does not think is a fair portrayal.

Speaking to Tipp Today, he said that while it is true that the town does have significant issues with traffic, huge work is being done in the town to help it thrive despite it.

“A lot of work is happening in the town, a lot of stuff is going on there. We know, and everybody knows it has been through a very very dark period and blame will be apportioned on everybody, but it’s fighting back and it’s fighting back hard.

“The tone of the headline, and the substance of what he wrote afterwards because if you read it, he calls it a nightmare, a disaster, a disgrace”

He also said that always focussing on the negative aspects of Tipperary Town downplay all the good that is being done there.

“There’s a new river walk there, there’s new plans for an educational centre in Dan Breen House, the Irish House is being redeveloped there, the Glove Factory, the Market Yard, we’ve a state of the art library, we’re firefighting to keep the Canon Hayes and the Excel going, two wonderful facilities in Tipperary Town.

“These are positive things that are happening in Tipperary Town. There’s money being committed in to them. We hear the negatives all the time.”