Local businesses concerned over aspects of Budget

Businesses in Tipperary have had a chance to absorb what Budget 2021 will mean for them.

The government assured them that it was for the business sector much of which has been devastated by the restrictions imposed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

President of Tipperary Chamber Paula Carney Hoffler says while they are generally positive issues such as carbon tax and the ongoing cost of PPE are major concerns.

Speaking on Tipp Today she highlighted how one local businessman is facing significantly higher costs because of Covid-19.

“Having to spend €50,000 on PPE to keep your business open is a substantial amount of money with no additional help.”

“This particular gentleman is a very astute businessman and he was saying it’s really difficult – it’s eating into his margins. And then of course with the carbon tax on top – if they have vans out on the road etc. – that’s going to eat into the margins.”

“And a lot of these are fixed contracts so you can’t go back to customer and say I have to increase your price.”