Lack of Government information a huge headache for local hoteliers

The hospitality sector is completely in the dark with regard to their future according to a leading Tipperary hotelier.

The government could opt for a hard and fast lockdown of eight to ten weeks in the New Year in a bid to suppress covid-19 infection levels which would see a return to trading by St Patrick’s Day.

This would make life even more difficult for the already beleaguered hospitality industry.

Liz Nallen is managing director of Hotel Minella in Clonmel – she says they don’t even have clarity on what will happen over Christmas which also has a huge bearing on their suppliers.

“We’re not left know anything until the last minute so we don’t know what they’re doing.”

“We have no idea what’s in their head – one minute they say they’re going to close us maybe the 28th or 29th – we don’t know. It’s just so frustrating.”

“A lot of our suppliers are artisan suppliers – we have to have our orders in a week beforehand.”