Growing anger at removal of cash services at a number of Tipp banks

Photo from Google Maps

Frustration continues to build across the Premier in the aftermath of Allied Irish Bank’s decision to turn four of Tipp’s branches cashless.

Many Tipp FM listeners have expressed worries for the vulnerable and for the elderly as the news hit that AIB would be removing cash services from over 70 branches nationwide.

Anne, from Roscrea, explained to Fran on Tipp Today that her 90-year-old mother will now have to travel to nearby towns to avail of counter service and how the town will be impacted by the move.

She strongly opposes the bank’s decision to go cashless in rural Ireland.

“Another blow for rural Ireland, and I have to say, first of all, that the working people of Ireland bailed these banks out.

“Roscrea and Templemore, without an AIB, all the little villages around, all the old age pensioners in those areas have no access to counter services.

“My mother is losing access to all of her facilities. Her, and many more like her, will have to travel to Nenagh. At the present time in Roscrea, there is queues outside the Post Office and there’s no privacy. You cannot get a penny in Roscrea on a Bank Holiday Monday because the AIB cash-line is empty. Is it going to be like that every day?”

Kathleen, from Templemore, told Tipp Today that many people still choose to pay household bills by using banking facilities.

She feels this decision will mean the elderly and middle-aged generations are left behind.

“The younger generation will buy online. So, does this mean they just forget about the elderly? Again? That’s the impression I’m getting.

“The elderly and middle-aged use cash. We don’t go around without money in our pockets. We don’t go around with just a plastic card. We have a certain amount of cash.

“A lot of people still use the facilities. They were using the bank or the Post Office, to pay their electricity and phone bills. Not everybody uses online services or direct debit services. A bank is a financial institution.

“They’re still going to stay open for people to open accounts and serve mortgages. So, they’re open to take money but not to give money. Is that what they’re throwing out there?”