Change to rebate scheme for local vacant property owners

Tipperary County Council. Photo © Tipp FM.

There has been a change to the rebate scheme for some vacant property owners in Tipperary.

In 2019 an Act outlined that a local authority could make a scheme that would see rates paid to them from liable people in respect of vacant buildings in their ownership.

Therefore, this year’s budget was prepared on the basis that certain changes would be applied.

For rateable properties within the €5,000 or less category they will still see a 100% rebate.

However, for those in the €5,000 to €10,000 bracket their rebate percentage will decrease from 85 to 80.

While any property that comes in over €10,000 will now receive a 60% rebate rather than 70%.

The Head of Finance with Tipperary County Council says this will lessen the impact in smaller vacant properties and on the whole doesn’t draw in major revenue for the Local Authority.