Call for night time closure of Clonmel laneway to be extended

Photo from Google Maps

Business people in Clonmel are calling for the extension of a laneway closure, which has helped reduce anti-social behaviour.

The issue was raised by Fine Gael Councillor John Fitzgerald about a laneway in the town centre between Wellington Street and Parnell Street.

At the Clonmel Borough meeting, an engineer said there were often bins lit on fire, people urinating and drug dealing happening in the area and that the evening closure of the lane by the council has helped to tackle this.

Councillor Fitzgerald told Tipp FM this has been having a positive effect on the area.

“They’re able to close it in the evenings until the following morning, so what has been happening has been that they have been able to control unwanted activity on the lane over the Christmas period and local businesses down there would like to have that situation extended, and even have the control of the laneway made permanent.”

Councillor Fitzgerald rejected Councillor Pat English’s suggestion that laneways be lit up and utilised, saying that lighting this laneway up would not reduce the anti social behaviour to the same extent as the gate does.