Call for businesses to be allowed reopen before December 1st

Photo © Tipp FM

A Nenagh businessman is urging the Government and health officials to consider allowing retail outlets reopen before December 1st.

Jim McLoughney, who runs a menswear shop in the town, is concerned that the window for Christmas shopping won’t be long enough for ‘non-essential retailers’.

His menswear shop is one of 145 businesses across the country to receive funding under the Covid-19 Online Retail Scheme, to help them develop an online presence.

Jim is welcoming the online funding, but says they need to be able to get customers back in their stores before December 1st.

“I do see a small problem coming down the road and that is I feel myself that the Government need to be opening the shops sooner than the 1st of December.”

“Because if they don’t from the 1st to the 25th of December there is no way that people will be able to survive on the number of customers that they’re going to let in at any one time if that’s what they’re going to be doing.”