Broad welcome in Tipp for easing of hospitality restrictions

Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh. Photo © Tipp FM.

Restrictions on hospitality opening hours could lift as early as tomorrow after NPHET cleared the way for an easing of restrictions.

Government party leaders have been meeting this lunchtime to consider timelines for re-opening.

Richie Gleeson is the proprietor of Gleeson’s pub in Clonmel and also chairman of the VFI in Tipperary.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier he said even if they don’t get to reopen fully this weekend it’s still a very positive move.

“It’s fantastic news, we’re ecstatic.

“Whatever way this works out timewise the news is fantastic that we’re heading in the direction of being back to normal and normal living for everybody hopefully.”

Sales & Marketing Manager at the Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh Michelle Kavanagh says they will be meeting over the coming days to finalise plans for a full return to business.

She says a sense of optimism has been growing in recent weeks.

“Since we came back from the Christmas holidays we’ve definitely seen an upsurge in enquiries coming in for weddings.

“Quite a few for later on this year but mostly 2023 and 2024. So there’s definitely a trend there – people are thinking about the future.

“Over the next couple of days and the next couple of weeks we’re going to see that surge growing so its fantastic.”