Brand of hand sanitiser used in some schools has been recalled over health concerns

Some schools may not be able to open today after a brand of hand sanitiser has been recalled.

Virapro hand sanitiser has been found to cause respiratory and eye irritation, as well as headaches and dermatitis.

It’s one of eleven brands of sanitiser recommended by the Department of Education.

It says schools can close today if necessary.

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Education Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire says it’s such short notice for principals and parents:

“I am aware of schools that did contact parents last night saying that they wouldn’t be opening. Like I mean, that’s very late at night.

“I know it would have caused upset but it’s the last day of school before mid-term for a lot of children. A lot of children would have been dressing up.

“Aside from that, it’s enormously disruptive. The communication to schools really isn’t good enough – especially if the Department of Agriculture knew this from Tuesday, how is the Department of Education only informing people now?”