Boil notice lifted from Tipperary water supply

Photo © Pixabay

One of the longest running boil water notices in the country has been lifted following a €3 million upgrade of a supply at the foot of Slievenamon.

However a number of Irish Water customers have been critical of the lack of information from the utility on the changes which have led to problems with hard water since the work was completed.

Following the completion of an upgrade of the Graigue and Templetney supplies the Health Service Executive has advised that the boil water notice can be lifted.

As a result people can now resume normal use of the water supply for drinking, food preparation and brushing teeth.

The works were carried out to protect customers from the threat of cryptosporidium. In all around 1,300 people will benefit from the improvements to both supplies.

As part of this upgrade, it was necessary to switch the Graigue water supply from a vulnerable mountain source on Slievenamon to a new one at Brackford Bridge.

Irish Water say as this new supply is high in naturally occurring minerals – such as calcium and magnesium – customers may have noticed an increase in the hardness of their water.

A number of people in the Ballyneale and Ballypatrick areas have been complaining in recent weeks of damage being caused to washing machines, showers and kettles by the calcium build-up.

They were also critical of the lack of engagement from Irish Water on the changeover to the hard water supply.

For their part Irish Water say this doesn’t affect the quality of drinking water, nor is it harmful to your health.