Ballina councillor votes against roads programme for first time in 17 years

Photo (c) Pat Flynn

A Fine Gael councillor from the Nenagh Municipal District voted against the three-year programme for the first time in her service, as a local road was not included.

Councillor Phyll Bugler told the council that it was the first time in 17 years that she had not voted for a roads programme.

She said that she could not vote for it in good conscience, as it didn’t include a road, which she was assured would be part of the works.

“It was with a heavy heart that I didn’t vote for it.

“There’s a section of the R494 from Rualla Junction to Willow Cliff, which is a regional road and it’s in very, very bad condition.

“Now, this road was in the previous three-year roads programme and I agreed to have it removed from this programme, because we were doing sewage works there as part of the Shannon scheme.

“I was faithfully promised that it would be in the next three year programme.”

Councillor Bugler was told by the engineer that some works could be carried out under the Pavement Survey Condition Index scheme.

She said that this road gets a high volume of traffic and it needs a lot of work.