Pet restrictions eased for families arriving from Ukraine

Photo from Arra Vets Facebook page

Restrictions that are normally in place for pets coming from the EU will not apply to those coming from Ukraine.

However, a Tipperary vet has advised people to follow Department of Agriculture guidelines about home quarantine in case of rabies.

Usually, pets coming from the EU require a passport and cannot travel for 21 days after vaccination, as well as having tapeworm treatment.

Mairead Leahy of Arra Vets told Tipp Today what the restrictions being lifted will mean for the Ukrainian refugees and their pets.

“The Department of Agriculture, have actually, I’m really impressed, well from what I can see I’m really impressed, with the way they have taken this on board.

“They have recognised that moving the pets is really important to families.

“They have lifted those restrictions. Now that’s only for Ukrainian pets travelling into Ireland that are fleeing and also, which I thought was interesting, EU members that are in Russia as well, that are trying to flee in an emergency situation back to their EU country, they also qualify as well.”

She added that rabies is a huge issue with dogs and cats and it’s important that people follow the guidelines from the Department of Agriculture.

Ireland is a rabies free country and the Department of Agriculture is recommending that pets from Ukraine be home quarantined until rabies vaccination status is known.

The Department has also subsidised the cost of checks and vaccinations, with participating vets including Arra Vets in Tipp Town.