New plans to re-home greyhounds in Tipp

Photo © pixabay

A new plan to re-home hundreds of grey hounds in Ireland is being rolled out by clubs nationwide – including here in Tipperary.

The move is in reaction to the damming Prime Time Investigates report into the numbers of greyhounds culled every year.

Members of the Irish Greyhound Board are due before the Oireachtas Committee on Sport tomorrow to face questions on animal welfare and could face a cut in their funding.

Last night dog owners and breeders met at the Clonmel Greyhound Track to set up a group with the aim of re-homing animals

Sean Bourke, a prominent Tipperary breeder and dog owner, says they have to take charge of their industry…

A damning report several weeks ago found that almost 6,000 greyhounds were culled in 2017 because they failed to make qualification times or their performance declined.

Meanwhile, just 300 thousand euro out of 17 million in state funding goes towards animal welfare – in comparison to 3 out of 6 million in the UK.

Clubs up and down the country are now setting up programmes where they will re-home hundreds of dogs here in Ireland.

Maurice Organ, Chairman of the New Welfare and Re-homing Group in the Clonmel Area, says Ireland need to take a leaf out of England’s book…