McGrath: Greens anti-coursing, greyhound racing & sheep shearing

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

It’s claimed having the Green Party in Government would be bad news for coursing, greyhound racing and horse racing in Tipperary.

Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath expects a programme for government to be agreed by the end of the week between Eamon Ryan’s party and Fine Gael and Fianna Fail.

However speaking on Tipp Today he said many of our sports and farming practices would be under threat because of the Green Party stance.

“They’re anti-coursing, anti-greyhound racing and indeed the horse racing long term because I’ve had debates with many of them and they want horse racing and they want the sheep dog – I’ve hill sheep myself – and you couldn’t round them up without a good sheep dog. They see that as cruel.”

“They see shearing of sheep – which is essential this weather with the heat and with the damp now they get infected with maggots and they have to be shorn. They think that it’s cruelty to shear a sheep – sure they have to be shorn.”