Major crackdown on dog theft in Tipperary

Photo © Tipp FM

A multi-agency operation has been carried out across Tipperary as part of an ongoing crackdown on the theft of dogs.

During the Covid-19 enforced lockdown the issue has come to the fore with many heartbroken dog owners taking to the airwaves and social media after their pets had been stolen.

Gardaí from the Tipperary Division have been assisted by local Dog Wardens, the ISPCA and animal welfare groups in conducting checkpoints across the county in recent weeks.

Alice Lacey from the ISPCA says the campaign seems to be working.

“Even by having these checkpoints to make people aware that we are out and we are checking. So I’m hoping that this will have a knock-on effect whereby people that are carrying out these acts might think twice before doing it.”

“The microchipping of dogs regulations came in in 2015 so it’s compulsory that you have your dog chipped but even so far as reunification of an animal if it is stolen – a lot of the time the only way you will get a dog back is if your dog is microchipped and registered to you. I can’t emphasise how important it is to get that done.”