Dogs terrifying people trying to visit Templemore cemetery

People in Templemore are said to be afraid to visit the local graveyard due to dogs running loose in the area.

One lady is said to have been injured when she was knocked over by these dogs

The Dog Warden has taken some dogs away but others have arrived in their place.

Local Councillor Eddie Moran says it’s been an ongoing issue for years and puts much of the problem down to the construction of houses nearby.

“People can’t even go into the graveyard and if they go in they can’t get out because of the dogs.”

“There was a lady there last week – two terriers came out and knocked her down and she couldn’t get into her car. She was in an awful state so she roared at a young lad and she got away eventually.”

“But the biggest mistake that was made there in my opinion I think was to build those houses there – it was a bad idea at the time because its right beside the graveyard.”