Dog owners warned of dangers posed to sheep if their pets are allowed to wander

Stock photo: / analogicus.

Tipperary’s dog owners are warned that their pets can be shot if they are caught worrying sheep.

With lambing season fast approaching ewes are extremely vulnerable at the moment.

Gina Hetherington of PAWS animal rescue in Mullinahone says there is an onus on dog owners to ensure their pets are secure.

She also points out that farmers are within their rights to destroy dogs found attacking their flock.

“You wouldn’t blame them a lot of the time – I mean we’ve all seen the damage. But if your dog is fenced in it can’t get out.

“It’s fairly logical that the dogs are getting out because there’s not fencing or people are depending on these electric collar things – which have been banned in Scotland and are up for banning in Wales and England as well under the Cruelty to Animals Act – because they just don’t work, so they’re totally useless.

“So build a fence! As my mother used to say “build a bridge and get over it” – well build a fence and keep your dog in or rehome it.”