Council urges Tipp dog owners to clean up their act

Photo: © Tipp FM

Dog owners in Tipperary are being asked to take personal responsibility when it comes to clearing up dog fouling in the county.

Marion O’Neill of the Council’s Climate, Energy and Environment section told Tipp Today earlier that €7,000 has been spent on the introduction and maintenance of 70 dog poo bag dispensers in the county.

The Council has noted a decrease in the number of instances of dog fouling recently.

However, Marion says that it’s difficult to prosecute if people aren’t adhering to the law.

“There would be fines but we haven’t issued any due to the difficulty – and Tipperary would be no different to any other local authority – it is very difficult to prosecute in that case.”

“Unless we witness it happening we cannot prosecute somebody on hearsay in that instance.”

“But we are targeting areas with the ‘mutt dispenser’ but we would just ask members of the public to keep in mind when they’re out walking their dogs.”