Council issues advice following spate of dog thefts

Photo from Garda Press

People are being encouraged to stop buying dogs and to visit animal rescues and shelters instead.

Tipperary County Council has issued a comprehensive list of information and advice, due to a rise in dog thefts across the country in recent months.

The problem has been attributed in large part to a shortage of puppies in the UK due to the introduction of stricter breeding laws.

Tipperary County Councillor Mary Hanna Hourigan has been outlining some of the brazen attempts being made to take dogs.

“It’s a whole new business out there where people are just stealing dogs for various reasons – mainly to sell them on. They’re being sold into the UK primarily but also some going to France.”

“It’s a very, very serious issue – people that are active on social media will be very aware of this but people that aren’t may not.”

“They’re actually coming up to you if you’re walking your dog, cutting the lead and grabbing your dog in public.”