Call for harsher penalties for pet theft

Photo © Tipp FM

Tipperary TD Michael Lowry says those who steal family pets should be facing much more than “a fine or a rap on the knuckles”.

The local deputy spoke in the Dáil on the Pet Theft Bill brought forward by the Regional Group of Independents, which seeks to create a minimum 10 month sentence for those convicted of the crime.

The Bill passed the first stage in the Dáil yesterday evening.

Speaking in support, deputy Lowry says families will continue to live in fear unless harsher punishments are handed out.

“Unless a real deterrent is put in place to prevent or at the very least discourage criminals and opportunists from stealing companion animals this activity will continue to escalate.”

If the penalty for stealing a living sentient animal remains the same as that for stealing an inanimate object then families the length and breadth of Ireland will continue to live in fear.”